Organisation & Management Development

Our Approach : Five Points of Difference

  1. Diagnosis: We help leaders develop a crystal clear roadmap to improve existing and potential future performance - reviewing processes, structure, people and culture. We support individual leaders, helping them to understand their own motivation and key strengths – aligning personal and organisational goals. 
  2. SpeedLeveraging our expertise, we trade off excessive reporting for speed and momentum. Results pay the bills.
  3. FocusTypically, a small number of presenting issues within organisations are strategically important. We focus our attention on identifying and tackling these core issues, building change plans that produce lasting change.
  4. CatalystWe work on a positive psychology model, affirming what is working well in the existing organisation. While comfortable in challenging performance which is below par, our modus operandi is to support the leadership team. 
  5. Hands-OnSenior consultants are involved at all stages of the work. We don’t use senior consultants to sell the assignment and subsequently staff projects with juniors.
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