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Corporate Social Responsibility


Background: While Corporate Social Responsibility, historically, focused on giving money to good causes, a new formula is developing.  Business organizations are increasingly using their leadership skills to actively develop solutions to client’s most pressing problems. And, just as in business, there is a focus on outcomes and results. The focus has moved beyond a ‘fire-brigade’ response to organization problems, helping recipient organizations to become more effective and self-sufficient.

Tandem Consulting: Outcomes focused philanthropy is revolutionizing the way aid is distributed across the world.  Within Tandem Consulting, our ambition is perhaps a little more humble and locally focused.  Each year we dedicate a fixed amount of consulting time to work with charitable and not-for-profit organizations in Ireland.  We bring our consulting expertise to bear on issues that you need to resolve – in the areas of people and organization effectiveness.

Two-Way Deal: It’s a win-win. We learn more about your sector and have an opportunity to sharpen our thinking in our 3 core focus areas – Strategy Creation, Staff Engagement and Strategy Execution.  Your organization gets the benefit of our consulting expertise, without incurring heavy costs.  

Interested? If you think that your organization could benefit from a limited consulting engagement, contact us and we will start the conversation.  If the project is outside of our core expertise or the scale of the project is too large, we may not be in a position to support. However, we promise that the application process is not bureaucratic and we will get to a decision point quickly.

Contact: For an initial discussion, contact Paul Mooney, Managing Partner on 087 2439019 or email  We look forward to hearing from you.








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